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Google Chrome extensions statistics [How many extensions are there on the Chrome Web Store?]
Last updated: August 14, 2021

The craftsman is always as good as his tools. Many people use Chrome extensions wrong. Or don’t use them at all. Too many extensions is a crowd, too few means you’re not using the browser to its full potential. There are millions of Chrome extensions users in 2020. How many extensions are there to choose from in 2020?

Today, we here at decided to have a good look inside the latest Chrome extension statistics and answer some of the hottest questions regarding the topic. 

In this article we’ll share with you: 

  • The latest Chrome stats in 2020
  • Which are the most popular types of Chrome extensions in 2020?
  • The best ways to choose and manage your extensions.

How many extensions for Google Chrome are there in 2020? How many people use Chrome extensions? In 2020, 62% of all web browser users prefer Google Chrome as their favorite browser. (If you’re looking for the latest search engine by market share statistics, you’ll find them here.) How many of all Chrome users are enjoying the perks of extensions though? Let’s dig in:

Latest Google Chrome extensions statistics 2020

How many Chrome extensions are there in 2020? Have a look at the bigger picture here:

Let’s see the latest Google Chrome Web Store statistics: 

  • In 2020, the total number of items on the Chrome Web Store (extensions, themes and apps) is 215,075
  • In 2020, there are 155,583 Google Chrome extensions
  • 50% of all Chrome extensions are downloaded less than 16 times. 
  • 88.55% of all Chrome extensions have less than 1000 active users.
  • The most popular Chrome extensions category is Productivity - 46K extensions.
  • The second most popular is Fun - 33K extensions
  • 87.37% of Chrome extensions are free to use.
  • 45% of all Chrome extensions have not been updated in the last 2 years
  • Around 10% of all Chrome extensions have never been added by a user
  • Around 13% of all Chrome extensions have been installed only once.
  • 83.3% of all extension publishers on the Google web store have published only one extension on the Chrome Web Store. 
  • There are 8 extension publishers who have added 1K+ extensions to the platform. 
  • 50,000 extensions have a 5-star rating

(Stats Sources: Chrome Stats, ZDnet, Debug Bear)

Using an extension saves you time and effort. More information in less clicks can seriously boost your productivity. 

Moving on:

Most popular types of Chrome extensions in 2020

  • Ad blocking extensions (we do need privacy on the internet)
  • Grammar & spelling check extensions (mistake-free world is a happy world)
  • New tab extensions (personalizing the new tab is a must for many users)
  • Video downloading extensions (since many children had their classes at home in 2020, recording live streaming and video downloading from the web became essential)
  • Video call extensions (in 2020 we need video calls more than usual)
  • Password managers (if you’re not one of those people who use one password for every website, you probably need one of those) 

Now you know.

Wrap Up

Everyone needs some of those extensions in their everyday browsing. Which are the most popular Chrome extensions in 2020? What kind of extensions are people most in need of? Have a look at the 28 most added Chrome extensions and you’ll know. There are many Chrome extensions on the Chrome Web Store. But how many of them are actually in use? You know the answer now!


How many Google Chrome extensions are there in 2020? 

155,538. The Chrome extensions take the largest portion of the Web Store — 72.34%. 

Which are the top 10 most popular Chrome extensions in 2020? 

  • Avast online security (data protection) 
  • uBlock Origin (adblocker)
  • Google Hangouts (video calls)
  • Honey (find coupons/shopping)
  • Grammarly (grammar and spell correction)
  • Cisco Webex Extension (video conference)
  • Windows 10 Accounts (improves sign in processes)
  • Tampermonkey (userscript manager)
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF convertor)
  • Read & Write for Google Chrome (improve learning process)

Can I use Chrome extensions on a smartphone?

For iPhone users the answer is no. However, for Android users — if you install the Kiwi browser you can enjoy your favorite Chrome extensions, since the browser is based on Chrome. The Yandex browser also allows you to add extensions.

Here we are, guys.

Chrome extensions statistics are hot in 2020.

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