Photographers shooting food

What is foodography?
Last updated: November 22, 2020

Foodographers make food look fabulous! Professionalists create still life images with their skill and talent and they are awesome! We’ll see some pretty stunning images today which might just sparke the old photography flame. What is foodography? Today, we’ll find out!

We here at decided to get educated on the subject of photographing food. Why is taking images of food so important in 2020? Today we investigate what foodography is. Grab a coffee and a piece of cake and let’s dive right in! 

We’ll show you images of food photography from all over the world! 

Let’s start with the basics: the foodography meaning.

What is foodography?

Foodography is a portmanteau word which combines the words food and photography. The new term has been coined to signify the artistic photographing of food. 

In 2020, we’re surrounded by images of food. There are so many cooking shows, there’s FoodTube, food bloggers, food magazines, you name it. And this whole army of chefs and cooking shows stands on the shoulders of professional food photographers. Is taking quality photos of food difficult? Oh, yeah. 

Food photography is trendy and it’s gaining momentum in the last couple of years. Have you heard of digital food marketing? Celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver are all over the internet with their recipes, restaurants, FoodTube, and their swagger. Just look at the art of the camera crew in those shows! It’s making you love cooking even more (not to mention that it’s so beautifully shot).

What is dark foodography?

Taking images of food with reduced light and a special dark decor. 

Food photography with one light is what makes dark images so intense. Dark food photography setup takes more time and effort but it pays up. The dark images of desserts are quite astonishing actually! One might say it’s dark and moody and people just love those images. 



Why are food images so important in 2020? 

Cooking is a passion many share in 2020. 

With the technological advancements in camera equipment and photo editing software — anything is possible nowadays. Most people have smartphones with cameras and this is where the fun starts - phoneography has become an international hobby for many smartphone users. Regardless of whether you prepared a dish yourself or you got a delish tiramisu in the restaurant, people take photos of food in 2020. 

Now, most people have a favorite cooking show and a favorite chef and try to cook recipes from their favorite cook books at home. Food in those cooking shows/books looks so stunning! And duplicating that result may be just the opposite. 

Some post their homemade foodography on social media and here is what happens: taking images of food (or making a video of your recipe) is not an easy job. The worst thing that happens to people when photographing their culinary achievements is called ugly delicious. Oh, the injustice of taking a bad photo of your mouth-watering dish! Here’s where food photography comes in. Just go on YouTube and you’ll find foodography help. 

Some of those foodography images look suspiciously beautiful. That’s because few amateurs can achieve the swagger of professional foodography at home. Images of food are an inspiration we absolutely need in 2020. 

Restaurants all over the world are trying their best to present their dishes in a unique way. And of course, clients appreciate their efforts. 

The artistic representation of food is what foodography is all about.

Food photography as a form of art

Food photography is a famous form of art nowadays and people all over the world take professional and amateur photos of the meals and desserts, chia puddings, and fancy salads and post them online. Whether they do it on their personal social media page, or on their blog, or even on their food channel, those images are sometimes just spectacular. 

Food photography lighting technique is super important in order to achieve the best image quality. Natural and artificial lighting setups look awesome when you use them right. If you master the skill of shooting food in low light — go for those dark images which everybody loves. There’s nothing as mysterious as a silhouette of an object against an interesting background. 

Making your photos look more professional is easy these days. There are so many tutorials and videos with food photography tips and tricks, people can basically teach the art themselves.

Foodography on social media

Social media is the BEST place to showcase your food pictures. Every photographer needs a portfolio and there’s plenty of space on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and VKontakte for your photos. 

Where can we find the best food photographs? Without a doubt, the answer is Pinterest and Instagram.

Foodography on Pinterest

There is SO much food on Pinterest! 

If you’re looking for the place where you can find the largest quantities of stunning food photography — try food photography on Pinterest. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been wondering what to cook for dinner and sought inspiration on Pinterest. And it worked! People who photograph their meals and post it online are doing us all a favor.

(Some amateurs prefer to take food photography images with their iPhones. That’s always an option and from what we hear, the new iPhone 12 Pro takes incredible images. Here are some excellent tips on “food photography iPhone”.)

People are being really innovative with taking photos nowadays. With the miracle of drone photography we’ve seen our world from above and beyond. You can find all sorts of food photography tips on social media. Food photography is taking the industry to the next level and it’s awesome!  


When it comes to photography of any kind, Instagram is the place to be. Create a new profile just for your creative foodography images and enjoy the quantity of followers who’ll love your images. Creating a portfolio on Instagram is the smart thing to do for every amateur and professional foodographer. 

Professional foodography 

In the old days, artists used to paint the cuisine of their age on their canvases. In 2020, everyone’s taking pictures of food. However, how many of us really know what they are doing? 

Food forward!

Taking photos of still life is quite the challenge for many photographers. How to make food stand out and take your breath away? Food photography editing is a must and once you get to use your platform of choice professionally — the results will speak for themselves. 

Professional food photographers have many tricks up their sleeves. Creating a mouth-watering food image is harder than you think and it takes a lot of practice to get to the professional league. 

Don’t hesitate to start experimenting with food photography! 

It’s fun and trendy in 2020!


Foodography is irresistible in 2020. Food images are everywhere around us, and we simply love them! What is foodography? The art of taking images of food. Sounds simple and yet it's so complex they call it art already. And with good reason! Regardless if you want to make photo shoots yourself or just have a craving for quality images of food, explore foodography on social media — it’s just awesome!

There’s so much going on in the world of foodography in 2020. Follow for more interesting topics every day!

Enjoy photographing food, everyone!