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Is Hogwarts Legacy dead in 2024? How many people play Hogwarts Legacy?
Last updated: April 12, 2024

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How many people play Hogwarts Legacy in 2024? Is the vast Hogwarts Legacy player base returning to the game frequently or has its allure somewhat worned off? Also, what percentage of the Hogwarts Legacy player base ever fishing the game? We’ll answer all those questions and more. Keep reading!

Howarts Legacy was one the most anticipated video games of 2023. The massive Harry Potter fan base couldn’t wait to put their hands on it and many of them even went as far as buying a brand new PS 5 just for this game. How many people play Hogwarts Legacy in 2024 and is the game dead after one year on the video game market? How many people did enjoy the game after its official release? The numbers are staggering. 

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Hogwarts Legacy player count 2024 top stats [editor’s choice]:

  • The best-selling new release of 2023
  • 24 million units sold worldwide
  • A total sales gross of $1 billion
  • 12 million copies sold in the first 2 weeks
  • #2 best-selling game for Xbox in the US 2023
  • #5 best-selling game for Nintendo Switch in the Us 2023

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the latest Hogwarts Legacy statistics 2024. 

Here we go… Lumos!

How many people play Hogwarts Legacy in 2024? 

As of April 2024, Hogwarts Legacy has sold 24 million units worldwide and has accumulated a retail sales gross of $1 billion. However, there’s has been a dramatic drop of interest in the game recently—8,600 people play Hogwarts Legacy concurrently on Steam in April 2024 and the game ranks #264 on Twitch.

1. As of December 2023, Hogwarts Legacy has accumulated a retail sales gross of $1 billion. 

(Source: Statista)

One of the biggest released of the gaming industry in 2023—Hogwarts Legacy, developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Games, has boasted a sales gross of $1 billion less than one year after the official release.  

Now, let’s have a look at the popularity of the Harry Potter movies and books before we move on so we put things into perspective:

According to a recent survey, 44% of US adults are avid fans of the Harry Potter movies. While 53% consider themselves to be casual fans. Only 3% of US adults are not influenced by the Harry Potter movies. 

Did you know: 

With more than 10 million reviews in April 2024, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the most popular book on Goodreads. The Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling has sold over 600 million copies worldwide (180 million in the US), making it the best-selling book series in history. 

That might explain the massive interest in one of the best Harry Potter video games so far! 

The Hogwarts Legacy price was and still is $59.99. Players who bought the Hogwarts Legacy Standard Edition can also make in-game purchases, namely the Dark Arts Pack which is included in the Deluxe Edition. There are no microtransactions available in the game. 

2. In April 2024, an average of 8,600 people play Hogwarts Legacy concurrently on PC (Steam). 

(Source: Steam Charts)

According to the latest Hogwarts Legacy Steam charts, an average of 8,600 people play the action role-playing game concurrently on Steam with a peak of 19,450. 

The Hogwarts Legacy active player count has dropped dramatically after the initial launch. The peak concurrent players are now 19,450 compared to the 527,000 at launch. The Harry Potter action RPG hasn’t been able to retain its popularity, it seems.

3. As of January 2024, Hogwarts Legacy sold 24 million units worldwide. 

(Source: Statista) 

After the official Hogwarts Legacy release date in February 2023, more than 24 million people found their way back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Millions of people enjoyed the game on the next gen platforms, Nintendo Switch or PC. 

According to the latest Hogwarts Legacy statistics, the game sold two million copies during the holiday season between December 2023 and January 2024. It seems that Hogwarts Legacy was one of the most popular Christmas presents last year. 

Did you know:

As of February 2024, Elden Ring has sold 23 million units worldwide. That’s 1 million less than Hogwarts Legacy. Not to mention that Elden Ring came out more than seven months earlier—in May 2022. 

4. Hogwarts Legacy sold 12 million copies in the first two weeks after the release. 

(Source: Statista)

The open-world Harry Potter game was an instant hit and the Harry Potter family welcomed it with open arms. In May 2023, 15 million were already sold. As of December 2023, gamers all over the world had already purchased a total of 22 million Hogwarts Legacy units. As of January 2024, one of the most anticipated video game titles of 2023 had sold the staggering 24 million units worldwide, making it the best-selling video game of 2023. 

5. Hogwarts Legacy is the 11th Steam title to ever reach half a million concurrent players.  

(Source: GamesRadar+)

In February 2023, just after the initial Hogwarts Legacy launch, the game entered the historical Steam records as more than half a million people played the game concurrently on the platform. On February 8, 2023 there were as many as 490,000 people with early access for the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition. 

There have been few games to ever reach this many concurrent players in the history of Valve—Apex Legends, Warzone 2, Among Us, Goose Goose Duck, etc. And only two of them are single player video games—Elden Ring (952,000 concurrent players) and Cyberpunk 2077 (830,000 concurrent players). 

6. In February 2023, more than 527,000 people played Hogwarts Legacy concurrently on PC. 

(Source: Steam Charts)

It’s always the same with the most anticipated video game releases:

The highest number of concurrent players occurs right after the official release. Hogwarts Legacy was released on February 10, 2023 and more than 527,000 people played the game immediately after the launch. 

Unfortunately, there’s a dramatic drop in popularity after the initial release and just about a quarter of all gamers ever finish the game. After the initial success of the game, most people seem to have moved on and lost interest. 

7. In April 2024, Hogwarts Legacy ranks #264 on Twitch. 

(Source: Twitch Tracker)

One thing is for sure: 

Hogwarts Legacy is not popular on Twitch anymore!

With less than 500 average concurrent viewers and a peak of 9,000 viewers per month, the audience has certainly lost interest in the Harry Potter game. After the official launch in February 2023, there were 112,000 concurrent viewers who watched 74.3 million hours of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay. 

8. Hogwarts Legacy was the #5 top-selling Nintendo Switch game in the US in 2023. 

(Source: Statista)

The only game not published by Nintendo to feature on the list of the best-selling Nintendo games for 2023 was Hogwarts Legacy. On the top of the chart stood Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, of course. 

9. 82% of Hogwarts Legacy console sales were for PlayStation 5 in the UK.  

(Source: Statista)

According to the distribution statistics of Hogwarts Legacy console launch sales in the UK, PS 5 owners really craved some Harry Potter gaming experience. More than 80% of the Hogwarts Legacy console sales in the UK were for PS 5 with only 18% for Xbox Series X|S. 

10. Hogwarts Legacy was the #2 best-selling Xbox game in the US in 2023 by dollar sales. 

(Source: Statista) 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III was at the top of the chart, of course. Hogwarts Legacy ranked #2 and the sports game Madden NFL 24 came third.

Hogwarts Houses percentages

Image © Instagram

11. 30% of all Hogwarts Legacy players are sorted into Slytherin 🐍. 

(Source: Hogwarts Legacy Instagram)

There can hardly be a Harry Potter fan who hasn’t been sorted into their Hogwarts house. In other words, you cannot call yourself a Harry Potter fan if you’re not sorted into one of the four Hogwarts Houses. There is Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. And thanks to Hogwarts Legacy now we know what percentage of the fans goes into which house. 

Hogwarts Legacy Instagram post Best Game of the Year 2023

Image © Instagram

Hogwarts Legacy: the best-selling video game of 2023

Hogwarts Legacy topped Call of Duty as the best-selling video game of 2023! 

With 22 million copies sold worldwide in less than a year, Hogwarts Legacy published by Warner Bros. Gaming became the best-selling video game of 2023 in the US based on dollar sales. 

In all fairness, Hogwarts Legacy launched in February 2033 and had a huge advantage over games that launched later in the year. On top of the chart for best-selling video games 2023 were games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Diablo IV, and Spider-Man 2. 

Let’s not forget that the second best-selling video game of 2023 was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III which came out in November and almost topped the chart in less than two months. The Call of Duty franchise is the second best-selling video game franchise of all time—450 million units sold worldwide. The only video game franchise that can top that is Tetris with 520 million units as of November 2023. 

Is Hogwarts Legacy still popular in 2024?

As of January 2024, Hogwarts Legacy has sold 24 million copies worldwide. However, while the number of Hogwarts Legacy sales is on the rise, there’s a significant drop-off in popularity after the game’s peak of 527,000 concurrent players on Steam to 8,000 in April 2024. According to the latest Hogwarts Legacy statistics, around a quarter of all players ever finish the game and gamers have moved on. 

Has the Hogwarts Legacy player count dropped dramatically in 2024? 

Somewhat yes. Although more and more people keep purchasing the game, people seem to move on pretty quickly. As of January 2024, Hogwarts Legacy has sold 24 million copies worldwide but the active player count has dropped significantly.

One of the main reasons for the player count drop is the fact that Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t support multiplayer mode. But of course, there are others.  According to the Steam Community discussions, there are a few reasons why people lose interest in the game quickly. Some of them include a “boring” main character, anticlimactic ending of the game, few RPG moments, not enough emphasis on the Hogwarts Houses, etc. And the popular opinion is that once you finish the game it certainly doesn’t leave you wanting more. 

How many people have finished Hogwarts Legacy? 

In other words:

What is the Hogwarts Legacy completion rate? 

In March 2023, only one month after the official Hogwarts Legacy release, word came out that only 25% of Hogwarts Legacy players ever finish the game. 

Players who have indeed finished the game (once or multiple times) claim that going all the way once will not reveal all there is to see in the game. Going through to the end of the game lasts about 70 gaming hours which might seem like a lot but is actually a casual Tuesday for seasoned gamers. 

For the sake of full disclosure, many of the most popular RPG games of the last five years share similar statistics when it comes to the percentage of people who finish the game. We’re talking about Witcher 3 (23.7%),  Red Dead Redemption 2 (22%), and Elden Ring (26%). 

What is the most popular platform for Hogwarts Legacy in 2024? 

According to the latest Hogwarts Legacy statistics, most people enjoy the game on PS 5 and PC in 2024. Next on the list come Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.  

Wrap up

Is Hogwarts Legacy dying in 2024 and how many active players does the game have nowadays? With more than 22 million copies sold in 2023, Hogwarts Legacy became the best-selling game of the year. During the December holiday season, Hogwarts Legacy sold another 2 million copies.

However, in 2024, there is a drastic drop in popularity and many people have moved on. The game ranks #264 on Twitch and has an average of 8,000 concurrent players on Steam daily.  

Regardless if you are from Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff—Hogwarts is always there to welcome you home! And this was exactly what we were all expecting from Hogwarts Legacy—an immersive gaming experience which would temporarily send us back to the beloved Harry Potter universe.

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