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    How many people play Hearthstone in 2021? [12 unexpected statistics to be aware of]
    Last updated: July 4, 2021

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    From the video game company that gave us Overwatch, Diablo, and World of Warcraft - Blizzard, we got the one and only Hearthstone. 👑 Did you know that more than 800,000 people play Overwatch daily in 2021? Yep! The question is how  many people play Hearthstone? The number of Hearthstone active players is quite astonishing for a card game.  We here at decided to investigate and the numbers turned out to be quite staggering. Keep reading and find out more!

    Is Hearthstone more popular than ever before in 2021?

    We’ll cover the most important Hearthstone statistics so you’ll have the whole picture. 

    Let’s dig in:

    Hearthstone player count 2021

    Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectable card game. It came out in 2014 and was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was originally named Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft so it's obvious that it belongs to the Warcraft series. Hearthstone is currently available on PC, macOS, and mobile.

    Before Hearthstone came out, Magic: The Gathering was the most popular fantasy card game. Keep reading and find out more games like Hearthstone to play in 2021. Now, let’s get to the question:

    How many active players does Hearthstone have in 2021?

    1. In July 2021, the Hearthstone active players count was between 150,000 and 280,000.

    (Source: Playercounter)

    The source calculates the amount of players worldwide by the Ghost Network Protocol technology. Our team spent a week monitoring the activity at different times of the day and came to the conclusion that between 150,00 and 280,000 people play Hearthstone concurrently in July 2021. 

    2. In June 2021, 3,555,000 people played Hearthstone across all platforms. 

    (Source: ActivePlayer)

    The number of Hearthstone monthly active players is on the rise in Q2 2021. However, in 2020, the number of active Hearthstone players saw an all-time low which is curious due to the fact that during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown most video games saw a major increase of interest.

    3. In April 2021, the average Hearthstone viewer count on Twitch was 32,000. 

    (Source: Statista)

    The significant drop of Hearthstone Twitch viewers in 2020 was due to the fact that YouTube got the exclusive rights to stream Hearthstone eSports tournaments. Many video game enthusiasts turned out to be reluctant to switch to YouTube. As a result the Hearthstone eSports viewership dropped by 70% in comparison with the previous year (2019).  

    4. In July 2021, Hearthstone ranked #18 on Twitch.

    (Source: Twitch Tracker) 

    Hearthstone is still one of the best PC card games and most watched online fantasy card games in the world in 2021. In July 2021, Hearthstone ranked in the top 20 most watched games on Twitch. Every week people watch around 4 million hours of Hearthstone gameplay on the video game live streaming platform, on 165 Hearthstone Twitch channels. 

    5. As of May 2021, Hearthstone is the 6th most popular game on Twitch based on all-time number of views.

    (Source: Statista)

    The most popular is of course League of Legends. According to the latest League of Legends player count, there are a total of more than 40 billion all-time views of LoL gameplay on Twitch. Fortnite is the second most popular game on Twitch of all time (no surprises there as well) with 24 billion. Then we’re got CS:GO - 18 billion, Dota 2 - 16.5 billion, GTA 5 - 15 billion, and Hearthstone - 12.39 billion all-time Twitch views. 

    6. In 2021, most Hearthstone players come from the US and Russia. 

    (Source: Playercounter)

    The US and Russia are the top countries that play Hearthstone in 2021. Almost 20% of the Hearthstone fans come from the US - 18.31% to be exact. 11.20% come from Russia, 5.68% - from Brazil, 4.92% - from Germany, and 4.11% - from Poland. 

    Hearthstone gameplay screenshot

    Image © Google Play

    Now that we’ve seen how active the Hearthstone player base is in 2021, let’s have a look back in the history of the card game. We’ll answer some hot questions like: how many people played Hearthstone concurrently in 2020 and how many Hearthstone registered accounts are there? Let’s get started:

    How many people play Hearthstone?

    In 2021, more than 3.5 million people play Hearthstone across all platforms. In 2020, the number of active Hearthstone players is more than 23.5 million. Back in 2018, there were more than 100 million registered Hearthstone players worldwide. 

    7. In 2020, there were 23.5 million active Hearthstone players worldwide. 

    (Source: Venturebeat)

    Less than a year ago, the number of active Hearthstone players reached 23.5 million. According to the source, players spent more than 669 million hours in Hearthstone Battlegrounds and they played 291 Hearthstone Arena matches in 2020.

    8. In April 2018, more than 59,000 people watched Hearthstone gameplay on Twitch. 

    (Source: Statista)

    This was the peak of Hearthstone viewers for the last four years. (See stat #3 for the current count.) On the other hand, the lowest number of Hearthstone viewers for the same period was July 2019 when only 15,000 people watched Hearthstone gameplay streamed online.

    9. In November 2018, there were 100 million Hearthstone registered accounts. 

    (Source: Venturebeat)

    The digital card game genre is a billion dollar market. Four years after the release, Hearthstone already boasted 100 million registered users. The digital collectible card game is a favorite among fans of Blizzard’s Warcraft universe all over the world and reaching this milestone was one of the biggest video game news in 2018.

    Hearthstone statistics

    Here comes some additional information about the Hearthstone revenue, and platforms. The game might be free-to-play but players can make in-game purchases and what can be more desirable in a card game than paid stacks of cards. Fee-based features like this are the bread and butter for the video game industry. Let’s see how things are going with Hearthstone in that department: 

    10. In 2018, the revenue of Hearthstone mobile amounted to $660 million since launch. 

    (Source: Sensor Tower)

    Just four years after the Hearthstone release, the game had already generated a revenue of $660 million. According to the source, this number excludes the revenue from Android users in China (where iOS users alone had spent $161 million on in-game purchases).  

    11. In 2015, Hearthstone earned a profit of $20 million every month.

    (Source: Polygon)

    Just a year after the release, the game was already earning some good money for Blizzard. The profit was evenly distributed between Hearthstone PC and mobile - $10 million each. In other words, the game has been hugely successful on any platform.

    12. As of March 2021, Hearthstone is the 7th most popular eSports game in China.

    (Source: Statista)

    Being on the list of top 10 most popular eSport in China is a big deal. The most popular game is still Dota 2 with 110 pro eSports teams in the country. Next comes Overwatch with 78, CS:GO with 49, Heroes of the Storm - 44, StarCraft 2 - 39, League of Legends - 37, and Hearthstone - with 14 professional eSports teams. 

    Now, let’s say a few words about the video game company behind Heartstone, shall we?

    Blizzard Entertainment

    Blizzard Entertainment is one of the best-known video game developers and publishers in the world. The company was founded in February 1991 and is known for games like Overwatch, the Warcraft series, the Diablo series, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, and of course - Hearthstone. Their headquarters are located in California, US and the net worth of the company in 2021 is estimated at $73.25 billion

    The Warcraft series are without a doubt one of the best creations of Blizzard since the company came into existence. Hearthstone is a unique addition to the Warcraft series being the only one which doesn’t belong to the real-time strategy genre. And of course, Warcraft is one of the highest-grossing video game franchises in the world.

    Hearthstone United in Stormwind expansion poster

    Image © Hearthstone Wiki

    Latest Hearthstone expansions release date

    According to the Hearthstone expansion release date calendar, there is an expansion coming in August 2021. It’s a Standard expansion called “United in Stormwind” and it’s based in the year of the Gryphon. The great thing about adding new content to an old game is that it keeps the audience coming back for more action. Frequent content releases keep players engaged and loyal. Keep it up, Blizzard!

    Games like Hearthstone

    It’s true that the best card games on PC are hard to resist… As we saw from the latest Hearthstone player count 2021, millions of people still play the game seven years after the release. The Hearthstone community gathers round for tournaments or to watch their favorite Hearthstone streamers and the success of this easy-to-learn & hard-to-master card battle game is absolutely staggering. 

    If you’re browsing for card games on Steam, you will stumble upon some classics like Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links or UNO. Hearthstone is not on Steam of course. Neither are some of the best games like Hearthstone in 2021. Our top picks today are just what you’ve been waiting for:

    Legends of Runeterra poster

    Legends of Runeterra

    The League of Legends card game came out in 2020 and took the gaming community by a storm. (Another LoL 2020 game release was League of Legends: Wild Rift. Check out the best mobile MOBA games 2021 and find out more about the best free-to-play MOBA mobile apps!) Now, Riot Games managed to surprise us with a League of Legends game once again. Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play strategic card game inspired by League of Legends characters. A must-play!

    Magic: The Gathering Arena poster

    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    The MTG Arena is a free-to-play digital fantasy card game developed and published by Wizards of the Coast. The game is currently available on PC, macOS, and mobile devices. The rules of the digital game are the same as the physical one - the MTG Arena is one of the best games like Hearthstone in 2021 for a reason. Players collect cards and improve their decks, use mana, and cast spells. The original card game was released in 1993 and in almost 30 years there have been billions of physical cards produced and millions of people still play the game in 2021. Well, now you can enjoy the digital version of MTG and keep playing your favorite card game online.

    GWENT: The Witcher Card Game poster

    GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

    This online fantasy card game is based on the mega successful video game The Witcher III: WIld Hunt. This online fantasy card game was officially released in 2018, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on mobile devices. After the huge success of Witcher III, fans were anxious for more action from the fantasy universe. The card game features cards with multiple special abilities, a gameplay of three rounds, and a cool reward system. (Check out the Witcher Fandom page on the game for more information.)

    Warhammer Combat Cards poster

    Warhammer Combat Cards

    This rpg card battle game takes place in the world of Warhammer 40,000. Each card is based on a character from the Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 and is unique in terms of abilities. Building the better card deck and combating your opponents in a PvP mode is quite the immersive experience with Warhammer Combat Cards of which the grim dark world of the game has much to contribute.

    Key takeaways

    Is Hearthstone dead in 2021? Not even close! Millions of people play and watch Hearthstone in 2021. With more than 100 million registered players, Hearthstone is still one of the most popular digital card games in the world. How many people play Hearthstone in 2021? The Hearthstone player count is around 3.5 million people in 2021 and the numbers are on the rise because a new Hearthstone expansion is just around the corner. 

    Today we recommended some of the best games like Hearthstone in 2021 - regardless of which one you choose to play (or all of them) you will definitely have a great gaming experience. 

    Visit for more awesome video game statistics every week!


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