Best water sort puzzles 2022

8 Best water sort puzzles 2022: which water sort is best for you?
Last updated: March 6, 2022

Which is the best water sort puzzle in 2022? This new kind of puzzle game is so challenging and exciting that we can’t wait to share the best water sorters with you today. If you’re interested in playing more puzzle games online - check out the best match 3 games 2022. It’s worth it! Now, what kind of water sort is for you in 2022? Today, we’ll find out.

Check out our Mobile category if you’re interested in mobile games. You will find the best mobile games of any video game genre there and you might even discover a new one to enjoy in 2022. Now, if you’re looking for a fun and challenging mobile game to keep you entertained, you definitely have to try a water sort puzzle. You'll need to use your logic and strategic thinking skills to sort liquids into the correct containers. The gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master, and there are tons of levels to keep you entertained for hours on end. Let’s get started:

What is a water sort puzzle?

Water sort puzzles are a mobile game genre of free puzzle games which feature liquids or objects of different types or colors that are shuffled together in containers and the player needs to untangle them into tubes of the same color or category. 

There are so many water sort apps in this mobile game genre and not all of them include liquids - some feature sorting stuff like balls, birds, hoops, etc. However, the premise of all of them is the same - users need to reorder the colors in a way that each container holds the same color by the end of each level. 

Water sort puzzle solved

Challenge accepted!

The idea is that liquids have different densities (or masses) and different liquids can be added to the same container without blending. This is a basic chemical principle and it’s actually a cool experiment for kids to perform. 

Water sort puzzles demonstrate the basic density column in a way that makes it fun to “untangle”. Players need to be patient and discover the best ways to sort the liquids so they separate all the colors in different containers.

What is the objective of water sort puzzles?

The goal of every water sorter, regardless of the medium the developer of the app has chosen, is to sort the liquids/objects in the designated containers until each container is filled up with the same color. In other words - at the beginning of each puzzle, the colors are scrambled and you need to sort them into different containers. 

Players get empty containers that they use to start the game and to help themselves with the sorting. Each level ends when all containers are filled with liquids/objects of the same color. If you want to know more about how to play water sort puzzles - scroll down to the BONUS section! Also, if you’re up for a super challenging and addictive online puzzle - check out the best 2048 mobile apps. They are amazing!

Best water sort puzzle 2022

When it comes to water sort puzzles, there are several features that need to be taken into consideration while selecting the best apps. Some of the mobile apps we downloaded feature slow gameplay, poor graphics, and a learning curve that would not challenge even younger players.

As you will see in a minute, our list of water sort puzzles includes apps with different designs and difficulties. But the principle is the same - players need to sort different liquids or objects by type or color. Regardless of how different they might look, all the apps on our list today have one thing in common - they are all free-to-play. So make sure you download several of them so you can find the right one for you.

Let’s start with one of the best water sort puzzles 2022:

water color sort

Water Color Sort

This is the ultimate water sort puzzle 2022 and our top recommendation. That doesn’t mean that the other water sort apps on the list today are not worth your time (because they totally are). But if you want the best water sort puzzle and you don’t want to experiment - this app is the one for you.  

What makes this mobile app so special? Out of all the puzzle games for adults we tried in this category, Water Color Sort was the one that got our team actually addicted to the game genre. The super-smooth gameplay and quality graphics are just the tip of the iceberg. The levels are challenging in different ways and when you reach levels 100+ (which doesn’t take that much time) you’ll start working your way in a labyrinth of liquids and only two spare containers to help you at the beginning. A must-play!

Pet Sort Puzzle

Pet Sort Puzzle 

This water sort puzzle features animals instead of liquids but the basic principle is the same - players need to sort each color into a separate container. Pet Sort Puzzle is actually one of the most beautifully designed apps on our list today. It features vibrant colors and very fast gameplay, it’s super responsive and allows players to sort multiple colors simultaneously, and the pets are just adorable, aren’t they?

Regarding the pets in the game: the rabbit is the default animal to play with. Every 20 levels you open a new animal but you get to play only two levels with it and then you’re back to the rabbit. Players need to pay 200 game diamonds in order to make a new animal their default pet. 

Now, this is definitely not a water sort puzzle designed for beginners. Meaning, the first 5-10 levels will be kind of easy in order to get you started. But the level of difficulty goes straight up from there. This water sort works great as an educational game for younger players if they have trouble with the liquids and prefer something easier to imagine (like pets for example). However, as soon as you reach level 20 you’ll start to feel the increasing difficulty of this puzzle game. And you’re going to have to stop and think about your next move as soon as level 20. 

Color Water Sort

Color Water Sort

Sort the different liquids with different colors into tubes with this awesome water sort puzzle! The super-smooth gameplay of this puzzle app makes it one of the very best water sort apps 2022. Its difficulty, fast-paced gameplay, and beautiful colors make up for its somewhat classic design. This water sorter is more suitable for advanced players because the level of difficulty increases exponentially after the first several levels. 

One of the best features of this water sort puzzle is that it lets you know when you have no more moves left (which saves you time actually). Not many apps do that and seasoned players will appreciate it. Also, your performance is rated on a scale of one to three stars regarding how fast you solve the puzzle. No pressure! You can always hit the pause button if you need some time to think or you just want to continue later or start the puzzle all over again.

So, if you’re craving a super challenging fast-paced water sort puzzle, with smooth gameplay, great design, and vibrant colors - you just found it.

Cocktail sort puzzle

Cocktail sort puzzle

Although the graphics of this water sort puzzle might not seem so fabulous at first, this is one of the most feature-rich apps in that mobile game genre. Most water sorters don’t include any special features and might get boring at some point. However, if you’re looking for a puzzle game that’s more complicated and features cocktails (!) - the Cocktail sort puzzle is for you.

According to the rules of the game, sometimes you’ll get a coaster with a specific color - then you can only add liquids of the same color in it. And this is more difficult than you’d think! Or a certain glass has a lid which you can only remove with a “magic hand”. Or, if you’re lucky enough, you can get a “magic straw” and remove a color from a glass regardless of where it is situated. You get a cocktail umbrella, a straw, and a fruit of choice every time you’re done separating a color in a game which adds certain awesomeness to your victory.

Soda Sort Puzzle

Soda Sort Puzzle

If you’re looking for a more intense water sort experience - the Soda Sort Puzzle is for you. This water sort app is definitely not for beginners. The first several levels are super easy but that’s just so the player can get used to the dynamics and the graphics of the new water sort app they downloaded. So, if you’re looking for a beginner’s app - try BirdSort or Water Sort Puzzle. 

Now, with Soda Sort Puzzle you get regular levels and levels with hidden colors (see image above). This is a unique feature of a water sort puzzle - being able to see only the top colors without the opportunity to make a strategy in advance. And it’s more difficult and more fun than you think. 

The Soda Sort Puzzle features fast-paced gameplay and vibrant colors. Levels of various difficulty will come one after the other so the player never knows what to expect next and this definitely adds to the excitement. In other words, you can get a super easy level after a hard one. Challenge yourself with this water sort app and spend your leisure time with unique and daring puzzles to solve!



If you’re looking for a water sort app that features vibrant colors, fast gameplay, and is suitable for adult beginners or kids - BirdSort is for you. It’s a free-to-play water sort puzzle that will have you sorting tropical birds whenever you have the time to spare. Its gentle learning curve makes it particularly suitable for younger players who are yet to discover the beauty of puzzle games.  

This mobile app is perfect for introducing a new type of puzzle to younger players. In other words, it’s great for kids. The first puzzles are quite easy to solve with plenty of empty branches to move the birds around. The more you play - the difficulty increases, more types of birds appear on the branches and younger players will need to employ all their faculties and sort the birds. One thing to note about the gameplay: the moment you collect four birds of the same kind on a single branch - they fly away so you get extra space. Cool!

The BirdSort gameplay is fast enough so neither adults nor children will get bored. Removing one type of bird at a time so you get another free branch is a good strategy since the more you play - the more types of birds you get in a game. Players enjoy the tropical birds - there are parrots of various colors, blue jays, toucans, collieries, and so many more. It’s such a beautiful app!

Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle

If you enjoy slower gameplay but you’re looking for a cute design and less pressure to solve the puzzle quickly - this app is for you. It’s great for beginners in water sort puzzles and the slower pacing gives you time to enjoy the game and make a strategy for your next moves. It’s a free-to-play app as are all the water sort puzzles on our list today, so you can get started with this one and if you’re a quick learner and soon wish for something more complicated - you can always download another water sort app.

This is the only water sorter on our list today where players can’t sort liquids from more than one container at a time. Which, in case you’re a beginner or you’re playing with your kids, might actually be a good thing. The game doesn’t pressure you to move fast but instead - to enjoy the experience. We all need to relax after a busy day so why not sit back and chill with a cool water sort puzzle?

Hoop Puzzle

Hoop Puzzle

This is the only water sort puzzle featuring 3D graphics on our list today and it’s totally worth your attention. It doesn’t look like a classic water sort puzzle but the principle is the same - players need to sort the hoops with the same color at the same place. Not as easy as you’d think! 

This app has a dark mode feature included which comes in handy if you play in the evening (look at the image above). The Hoop Puzzle gameplay is not as smooth as some of the other water sort puzzles on the list but the levels are quite challenging and at some point, players get addicted to the cute little hoops that kind of look like glazed doughnuts. 

So, if you’re looking for a 3D puzzle that is free-to-play, increasingly difficult, featuring a great design and a dark mode, challenge yourself with Hoop Puzzle today!

BONUS: how to play water sort puzzles (tips)

  • First moves. Find two (or more) liquids/objects of the same color located at the top of the containers and move them to an empty container.
  • What to do with the second empty tube? Don’t be quick to fill the second empty container (if there’s one). First, move the liquids/objects around until you can fill the second empty container with at least three parts of the same color.
  • The colors at the bottom are important. Have a good look at the bottom layers of all the tubes on the board. The colors you see there will be the last ones to gather at the same place. Now you can eliminate some of the colors from the list of those to put in the empty tube.
  • Don’t be afraid to make a mess. Meaning that especially at the harder levels, you’ll need to mess up the colors in the containers first and then untangle them closer to the end of the level. 
  • Empty new containers by sorting. In the middle of each level, you’ll get new empty containers by sorting colors into others. Think well before you start filling them with the next color. You need the space and if you just start collecting a random color there that might prove to be a huge mistake and lead to no more moves.
  • Think ahead. Puzzle games teach us to think about strategy and this is one of their huge benefits as educational games. So, once you’ve made the first several moves make sure to take your time and implore your logic and strategic thinking so you can plan ahead and foresee the outcome of the game. The more difficult the level - the more you’ll need this so start practicing it from the beginning. 
  • Find the best water sort puzzle for yourself. Those are free-to-play apps, so you can experiment and download more than one until you find the right puzzle. Maybe the pacing of the one you’re playing now is too slow or too fast for you, or you don’t like the features, or you don’t feel challenged enough - go through the list of the best water sort apps 2022 and get yourself a new one. 

Best water sort puzzle 2022

  • Water Color Sort
  • Pet Sort Puzzle
  • Color Water Sort
  • Cocktail sort puzzle
  • Soda Sort Puzzle
  • BirdSort
  • Water Sort Puzzle
  • Hoop Sort

Wrap up

Which is the best water sort puzzle for you in 2022? Maybe you’re looking for a challenge and wish to find a water sort app that will be featuring fast-paced gameplay, smooth water sort, vibrant colors, dark mode, and innovative design? You’ll find all the best water sort apps on our list today. They’re all free-to-play so you can easily download and delete as many of them as you like. 

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