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Klondike Adventures guide [gameplay tips & tricks 2022]
Last updated: January 8, 2022

Klondike Adventures is one of the best farming games in 2022 and we have so much to share with you. What you need to know before you start is that the game has more or less the same structure as Family Island (make sure to check out our guide on the way out) - another awesome (and addictive!) farm game that totally deserves your attention. We present to you our Klondike Adventures guide to help you get the most out of the game. 

We here at love farming games for many reasons - one of them being the unique feeling of satisfaction they provide us with. Not to mention the rustic atmosphere and the allure of a life far away from the big city. Sigh! Today, we’re going to explore Klondike Adventures more closely and see what comes up from this farming business. Let’s get right into it:

About Klondike Adventures

Before we begin, I’d like to say a few words about the game and why we decided to write about it. Klondike Adventures is one of the best farm and city simulators on the market in 2022. It was released by VIZOR APPS and they have a great support page with an extensive list of FAQs for users. Most of the questions we had about the game at the beginning we found answers on at their support page. Thank you, guys!

Why do we love Klondike Adventures?

We stumbled upon the game while we were researching the best farming games to play in 2022 and we immediately fell in love with the graphics and how complex the gameplay was. It’s a proper farming simulator for adults to enjoy. If you’re looking for a beautifully designed and immersive farm game - you just found it. Klondike offers the best farming experience, enough energy to keep playing for longer periods of time, cool locations to complete quests at, and awesome feature-rich gameplay. 

Before we start, we’d like to say that we’re not here to help you with Klondike Adventure cheats - be aware that those might be a security issue. Our team is against using cheats and hacks in games. Now, without further ado, let’s get to know the game and we’ll help you out with a couple of Klondike Adventures tips and tricks: (Btw, this is the upper left corner of my Klondike Home location - isn’t it cute? I told you the game is beautiful!)

How to get started with Klondike Adventures?

What do you need to know in the beginning? (If you’re over the initial bump in the game, you can just scroll down.) The Klondike Adventures gameplay feels a little slow in the very beginning - you don’t start with much to begin with and sometimes users have a hard time figuring out what they need to do to get things going. I myself got stuck to Level 3 and for some reason I couldn’t move forward for some time. This actually made me quit the game once but then I decided to give it another chance and I’m super happy that I did. 

As I was getting started with Klondike, I kept admiring the graphics but in terms of gameplay, players definitely need to figure out many stuff by themselves. Maybe the creators included this steep learning curve at the beginning in the spirit of the original Klondike gold rush late in the 19th century. 

So, if I compare the game to Family Island here’s what I can say: they are quite similar in terms of gameplay (you need energy points in order to obtain resources and open more land). In Klondike we have better graphics (the game feels authentic in a way and super immersive). They included a better trading system than in Family Island, the crops grow way faster in Klondike, and completing orders can help you level up fast. Both have their merits but if you crave a unique mobile farming experience - the Klondike game is for you.

How to level up to Level 4 in Klondike Adventures?

At some point the orders you get at the Order Board get impossible to fulfil at Level 3. And no Klondike NPC tells you what you need to do. It turns out the solution is pretty simple: locate the cattle ranch where the cows live - on the right side there’s an ice wall. It’s only 1 energy point to break it and there you go - you’ve found the Sawmill and you have most probably leveled up to Level 4.

Klondike Adventures help: tips & tricks

  • Use diamonds to get an additional slot at the machines you need. I recommend you do that for the Bakery and the Dairy - at the beginning of the game you will have many orders for those machines and you will definitely benefit from the extra slot on both. 
  • Invest in Greenhouses. It’s worth it. And they are only 3,000 game coins each. The more Greenhouses you have - the more orders from the Order Board will you be able to complete and the faster you’ll level up.
  • Trees. Don’t cut too many sequoia trees at your Home location at the beginning of the game - they won’t grow back again. You will get to cut plenty of sequoia trees at the expeditions - for the material.
  • Don’t purchase too many farm animals at the beginning of the game. They cost a lot and you don’t need that many eggs and milk to start with but having too much might get you bankrupt.
  • Delete orders. Delete some of the orders which won’t cover the production cost. For example, there could be an order at the Order Board for 20 pumpkins and 2 butter sticks which will win you 400 coins. Planting 1 pumpkin costs 80 coins. So 20 pumpkins would cost you 1,600 coins. Nope!
  • Grass. Don’t ever plant grass in your garden - seriously! It’s not worth your time and money. On every expedition you go, you will have to remove plenty of grass in order to keep opening new territories. It’s a good thing that there is no storage limit in the game. One of the few uses of grass I see in the game so far is to make food for the farm animals so you will always have plenty of grass in stock.
  • Resources. Gather resources from your Klondike expeditions and from the Research Facility. Make sure you keep as many trees on your Home location as possible - they don’t grow back.
  • Invest in workers. You need workers to help you with tasks in your Home location. The more workers you have in the game - the faster you’ll get things done. However, the further you go in the game - the more frequently you’re lacking enough workforce and that can be pretty annoying. In order to avoid those moments - make sure you invest in tents and cabins and more workers will come. (You don’t need to pay real money to get more workers.)

Where is the Foundry in Klondike Adventures?

Players need to expand their territory on the Home location by digging deeper into the terrain. The more fences you unfreeze with fire (if you don’t like them you can just put them back in your storage and use them later) - the more territory you’ll unlock (remove the clouds). Now, the Foundry is where you produce Iron Bars - it’s located roughly at the center of the left wall at your Home location under the ice caps. So, you need to remove the ice first in order to discover the Foundry.

How to get more energy in Klondike Adventures?

Energy in the Klondike game is not very difficult to accumulate in comparison to other farming games. Of course, obtaining Klondike Adventures unlimited energy is not possible unless you use cheats or purchase energy with real money. Here’s what you can do to get more energy in Klondike:

  • Furnace. Players can exchange food for energy in the Furnace. You get it relatively soon in the game (Level 7-8) and there are different types of food that you gather along the way. So it seems like a very good bargain. 
  • Sweet Shop. Every 5 hours you get to play a game in the Sweet Shop and it gives you experience points and energy according to how well you did in the game. It’s like the classic 2048 game (only with berries, cookies, and pudding), and the better your result at the end of the game - the more energy you win. It’s actually kind of cool once you get the hang of it. Scroll down to check out how to play the Sweet Shop in Klondike.
  • Cauldron. You can buy it at the Market at level 9-10. This machine works with Caramel and Chocolate Bars (from your cows and chicken) so you can turn them into energy (the same way as in the Furnace).  
  • Complete tasks from the workers. Each task you complete from the list wins you experience points and energy.

How to play Sweet Shop in Klondike (+ tips & tricks)

The game from the Sweet Shop in Klondike is available from level 7 and it’s a cool version of the classic 2048 game. If you’ve never played 2048, here’s all you need to know to get started: 

How to play 2048? The classic version of the 2048 game features numbers which you need to slide together to get the sum. It goes like this - you slide 2 and 2 together to make 4, then 4 and 4 make 8, etc. The sequence goes like this: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, etc. - a.k.a. a geometric sequence.

Make sure to check out our selection of the best 2048 mobile apps in 2022 on your way out. The best 2048 puzzles are engaging, beautifully designed, and incredibly challenging. And you'll find some 2048 tips and tricks in the article as well. ✅

The goal in 2048 is to combine 1024 and 1024 together and create a 2048 tile and (depending on the mobile app you have chosen) the game can practically go on forever if you know what you’re doing. Long story short - you need to merge the same numbers together in order to make the next one in the chain. The same rules apply for the Sweet Shop in Klondike.

Now, with the Klondike Sweet Shop version of the game the rules are absolutely the same with several small differences. The first and most obvious one is that you have objects instead of numbers (see image on the left) which might be a bit confusing in the beginning, especially if you’ve never played the original game before. However, you will get used to the cookies and pudding soon enough, I assure you. The one big difference with the classic 2048 is that here you get only 150 moves. 

The goal of the Sweet Shop game is to combine two of the decorated puddings (they are the equivalent of the number 128 in 2048) together and get the present (the equivalent of 512) - it gives you the max energy points you can win from the game. (See image above the header - from left to right you will see the three final stages of the game.) In only 150 moves you can make only one present. However, that’s not so difficult to achieve. How to beat 2048? Here is a simple 2048 strategy to help you get the big prize every time:

  • Keep the biggest numbers (cookies, puddings) on the left side of the board and make only 3 out of the 4 possible moves. Meaning, never slide on your right. If you manage to scroll only in 3 directions, you will merge the objects more easily. 
  • After you have created the two plain chocolate puddings and the decorated one and they are nowhere near each other - this is the final stage of your game. Now you can start moving things around (yes, you can slide right now but be careful with how many moves you have left).
  • Watch a movie (an advertisement) to get 5 more moves after your 150 original ones have finished.

How not to run out of money in Klondike Adventures?

New equipment costs thousands of game coins in Klondike Adventures and those are not so easy to obtain in the beginning of the game. Personally, I managed to run out of money (twice!) before level 9 and it was not pretty. One of the weird features of the game is that planting the crops costs money and you need to buy farm animals in order to get resources. And as you may already know - farm animals disappear after a certain amount of resources they produce for you and you need to purchase farm animals again.

One of the most difficult things in the game if you’re a beginner, is to keep saving game money to buy all the equipment (machines, factories, housing for workers) you need in the game. However, it often happens that after you make a purchase you run out of money and you can’t even afford to plant rye. At some point players can run out of gaming money if they’re not careful. Here are several tips and tricks how to avoid that: 

  • Delete orders from the Order Board if they're too difficult to complete - you don’t have to waste time and resources on unreasonable orders.
  • Be careful when you plant crops in your garden beds - it costs game money to plant them and sometimes players forget to check their balance before they plant.
  • Before you make an expensive purchase (e.g. Research Facility, Factory, Glassblowers) check your balance to make sure you will have some game money left after you make the purchase.
  • Buy only as many farm animals as you need - at the beginning you don’t need the maximum amount of every animal available on the game. 

How to get more money in Klondike Adventures?

  • Complete orders from the Order Board frequently. (This will also increase the speed of leveling up in the game because it also gains you experience points - two birds with one stone.)
  • Complete orders from the Merchant Ship frequently - if you complete all three levels of orders you will even win some rare objects which come in handy after level 15.
  • Exchange goods with the Trader for money. He will appear once at the beginning of every expedition and once at the Home location. When you’ve exchanged every item he wants he will give you a bonus and he will leave only to wait for you at your next expedition.

Klondike Adventures expeditions

There are two types of Klondike expeditions - seasonal (available for a short period of time - e.g. Easter) and fixed. The expedition lands are different in terms of how large the map is and how difficult it is to complete the challenge. 

The Klondike expeditions are divided into 13 chapters, each with six locations. Once you’ve completed a location, it will be available for the next 24 hours and then it shuts down. Each of the expeditions features a unique atmosphere and it’s quite immersive. Players need to use their energy points to open new parts of the maps and they usually collect tons of resources along the way. That’s why it’s a good idea to get the resources you need (e.g. wood, ore, food) from the expeditions and not to devour the Home location. 

One more thing before we go - do you see the destination which is located on the bottom right corner? This is an event in the game which is temporary (e.g. the Rabbit Trail was available during the Easter holidays). 

Wrap up

We hope our Klondike Adventures guide was helpful and that you’ll enjoy the game more when you have the help you need to get started. Our journey through the land of the Klondike Wild West continues and we’ll keep playing and reviewing the best mobile games for our readers. 

Like I said at the beginning, the Klondike game is beautifully designed and complex enough to be worth your time. Sometimes it’s not easy to get started with a wonderful game just because there’s a bit of a learning curve at the beginning. But with our Klondike Adventures tips 2022 you’ll have a flying start anyway! Enjoy one of the best farming games ever and have fun!

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